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Non-small cell lung cancer treatment

Non-small cell lung cancer treatment
There are many different types of treatment for non small cell lung cancer treatment. The treatment depends on the stage of the cancer. The three most described ways are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. These are the main treatment options for non small cell lung cancer. In fact, the appropriate application of skilled palliative care is an important part of the treatment of patients with non small cell lung cancer.
If the patient is in an early stage, the doctor will probably recommend surgery to take out the cancer. Surgery is the treatment of choice for stage I and stage II non small cell lung cancer. Several different types of surgery can be used, and the surgeon may remove:
·         One of the lobes of the lung (lobectomy)
·         Only a small part of the lung (wedge or segment removal)
·         The entire lung (pneumonectomy)
Some patients need chemotherapy. Drugs are given to patients to kill cancer cells and stop new cells from growing. Treatment can be done in the following ways:
·         Chemotherapy alone if the cancer has spread outside the lung.
·         Before surgery or radiation to make those treatments more effective: neoadjuvant therapy.
·         After surgery to kill any remaining cancer: adjuvant therapy.
Chemotherapy is given through a vein or by pills.
The first line treatment for non small cell lung cancer include a platinum combination. In younger patients, with a good performance status or in the adjuvant setting, cisplatin is preferred, but in older patients or those with significant comorbidities, carboplatin may be substituted. This has been described and advised by the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) guidelines.

Radiation therapy uses powerful x-rays or other forms of radiation to kill cancer cells. It also can kill cancer cells that remain after surgery, and treats certain cancers that the doctor can't eliminate with surgery alone. The radiation is given either from a high energy beam aimed at the cancer from outside of  the body using a special machine, or from a radioactive substance put inside the body in or near the cancer. In the treatment of non small cell lung cancer stage I and stage II, radiation therapy alone is considered if the surgical resection is not possible.  It is actually an option to use radiation only for non small cell lung cancer treatment among those who are not candidates for surgery. 

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